Western Aomori Coastline – Fukaura & Oiwa Island

The west coast of Aomori is famous as the home of Juuniko, the iconic gathering of 12 lakes and home of the wonderfully blue Aoike pond. However, many forget that the western coastline itself has gorgeous rock formations along the entire shoreline.

Near Fukaura Town, there is a small shrine beside the road which marks the entrance to Ooiwa Island. Meaning “Big Rock” in Japanese, Ooiwa is a small rocky island out in the sea with a narrow path leading to it. Climb through the small tunnel carved into the rock to emerge from the other side! A small flight of stairs later, and you can get a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and the western coastline. With a few benches arranged in theater seating, this little rock in the sea is the perfect spot to watch a romantic sunset.

Make sure not to miss it the next time you take a trip down to Juuniko or Akita Prefecture!

Oiwa is accessible by train on the Gono Line. It is a short walk from Fukaura Station.

For those coming by car, you can park at the boatyard just across the street.


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